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Welcome to Islamic Relief Iraq


Islamic Relief (IR) is an international relief and development charity which envisages a caring world where people unite to respond to the suffering of others, empowering them to fulfill their potential. We are an independent Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) founded in the UK in 1984.

Working in over 30 countries, we promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities to eradicate poverty, illiteracy, and disease. We also respond to disasters and emergencies, helping people in crisis.

Islamic Relief provides support regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender and without expecting anything in return.

Islamic Relief’s (IR) work in Iraq more than ten years. IR was on the ground throughout the military incursions and is one of the few aid agencies that continued working during and after the 2003 war.

The IR staff continued working on different projects. These include water and sanitation, health, education, orphans support and camps management of refugee.


Who we are



Islamic Relief Iraq, is the member of the Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW). IRI has been fighting poverty and exclusion in Iraq since 2003, a conflict-stricken country for the last 14 years. Islamic actions are rooted in and inspired by Islamic social teachings: solidarity, compassion, subsidiarity, social justice, trust, good governance and transparency for the common good. This is reflected in our vision: investing in building ownership and strengthening of local communities. We work in the most challenging and poverty-stricken regions of Iraq. Through our membership of IRW (Islamic Relief Worldwide), we can count on the support of Islamic Relief Family. Our team from local communities works to find solutions to complex problems by emphasizing, local ownership, Women’s empowerment, and fighting violence. IRI is deeply rooted in the Iraqi society with more than 92 staff members and 30 volunteers. We also attract funding from major international donor organizations, including the UN.


Latefa Abod Mohammed Story


Latefa Abod Mohammed

71 years old

IDP Salah-Aldin

Our lives changed dramatically after we had to leave our home back in 2014, in that year I lost 2 of my daughters and one of my sons became disabled when our house in Salah-Aldin was bombed. We lost everything, before we had our own house and we lived a nice life but now we can only afford basic food and we live in a small old rental house our main source of income is the social security salary that I receive on monthly basis, before I used to be a tailor but my sewing machine broke and I couldn’t afford to fix it, also my husband has blood cancer (leukemia) and he can’t work. We haven’t eaten meat in a year and a half, I can’t express how grateful I am for Islamic Relief, This is the first time in a long time that I saw my family this happy my children and husband were so pleased to see the fresh meat this Eid may God bless you all for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Latest Projects

  • Emergency Food Assistance to the Remainees in Western Mosul and IDPs families in Basateen

    In response, this project aims to provide a life-saving intervention through the provision of food baskets to 36000 households among the most vulnerable conflict-affected people who remain in Western Mosul and to the IDP families in Ninewa governorate.


    Donor: UNOCHA

    Project Code: 050_000307

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  • Distributing Non-Food Item to Mosul IDP

    Our mission this time was on the Eastern Side of Mosul in Hay Al Zahraa zone. IR Iraq has distributed NFI (Non-food items) to 309 families to the most vulnerable IDPs from the western side of Mosul to the Eastern Side of Mosul. The project is funded by Islamic Relief Canada, we were able to distribute 309 NFI to 309 of the conflict affected fami

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  • World Refugee Day Celebration 2017

    For the second year Respectively on 20th of June, Refugee's Day celebration was conducted and targeted (100 ) refugees at AL Baladyat Hayfa club, 

    The celebration agenda was included the following:

    •    Reciting Quran verses.
    •    Introductory and identification of Refug

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  • Ramadan Program 2017

    The main objective of this project was to provide one-month food support during the holy month of Ramadan to the most vulnerable fasting people and conflict-affected families among the poorest IDP, refugees, and host communities including widows and orphans. Throughout the holy month of Ramadan Islamic Relief Iraq has distributed 7731 food packs

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  • Rehabilitation of health centers in Baghdad and Anbar

    Rehabilitation of health centers in Baghdad and Anbar

    The project is considered as an emergency response to the urgent and increasing need in the health sector in Baghdad and Anbar.

    Anbar governorate has witnessed conflict situations which resulted in large destructions of approximately 30%

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  • SIDA RRM - Distributing food parcels to Mosul IDPs


    Funded by: IR SIDA
    Implemented by: Islamic Relief - Iraq
  • Distributing winterization and hygiene kits to Mosul IDPs

    The aim of this project was to provide Mosul's most vulnerable IDPs with winterization and hygiene kits. those people were living in houses without heaters and sometimes even in tents without any protection from the cold weather. these poor families couldn'

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